Danko Jones (CA)
Hardcore Superstar (SE)
Buckcherry (US)
Gun (UK)
Glenn Hughes (UK)
Dewolf (NL)
Black Star Riders (UK)
Motorjesus (DE)
The Temperance Movement (UK)
Mammoth Mammoth (AU)
The Darkness (UK)
Extreme (US)
Chk Chk Chk (US)
The Hives (SE)
Mystic Braves (US)
Mustash (SE)
Ugly kid Joe (US)
Nashville Pussy (US)
Terrorvision (UK)
Thunder (UK)
Shawn James and The Shapeshifters (US)
Tax The Hit (UK)
Los Brazo (Sp)
The Answer (IE)
Jackson Browne (US)
Landslide (SP)
Imperial State Electric (SE)
The Coathangers (US)
The Growlers (US)
Johnny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars(US)
Kris Rodger & the Dirty Gens (US)
Stevie Klasson´s Black Weeds (SE)
Small Jackets (IT)
Ballroom Kings (IT)
Märvel (SW)
The Sewergrooves (SE)
Electric Boys (SE)
Sepultura (BR)
Loquillo (SP)
Igor Paskual (SP)
El Pescau (SP)
Autoramas (BR)
L´assasings (US)
The Biters (US)
Natural Child (US)
The Howling (UK)
The Highlights (SP)
Arkada Social (SP)
Cool Circus (SP)
Bullet Proof Lovers (SP)
Señor No (SP)
Procobravo (SP)
The Dispositives (SP)
Michael schenker (DE)
Sonic Beat Explosion (DE)
Su Ta Gar (SP)
Delorean (SP)

Lindsay Beaver & Bard Stivers (US)
Toronto Cannon (US)
Bluesfalos (Sp)
Derobert & The Haltruths (US)
Zac Harmmon (US)
Joe Luis Walker (US)
King Coya (AR)
Los Caligaris (MX)
Arco (AR)
Supersonic Blues Machine W/Billy F. Gibbons (US)
Tequila (SP)
Black Lips (US)
Robert Plant (UK)
The Buttertones (US)
The Cure (UK)
Graveyard (SE)
Los Amigos Invisibles (VE)
Bunbury (ESP)
The Cat Empire (AU)
Cristal Fighters (UK)
The White Bufalo (US)
Eric Gales (US)
John Primer (US)
Ana Popovic (US)
Royal Republic (SE)
Kings of Conveniece (NO)
Ben Milller Band (US)
Eric Gales (US)
Is Tropical (UK)
Gino and the Goons (US)
Motociclon (SP)
Death Bronco (SP)
the Monsieurs (US)
The Courettes (DK/BR)
Sonic Angels (FR)
Scremers & Sinners (SP)
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin (US)
Sam Roberts band (CA)
Money For Rope (AU)
Chris Masuak (AU)
The Black Explosion (SE)
69 Revoluciones (SP)
Maika Makowski (SP)
Nick Olivery (US)
The Last Vegas (US)
Jingo The Lunch (DE)
Ultracuelpos (SP)
Rockers Go To hell (SP)
Mermaid (SP)
Obligaciones (SP)
Mike Farris & Roseland Rhythm Revue (US)
Harry Sons (SP)
Camion (SP)
Los Galerna (SP)
Astray y Los Impasibles (SP)
the Dictators (US)
Tania de Sousa (SP)
Sociedad Alkoholika (SP)
Brutal Melody (SP)
Ekon (SP)
Governors (SP)
Real Straits (SP)
Doctor Explosion (SP)
Pablo Moro (SP)
Paula Rojo (SP)
Burning (SP)
Stone Broken (SP)
Gallos (SP)
Mirloblanco (SP)
The Splizzy Gang (SP)
Hell´s Fire (SP)
We The Lion (PE)
Juanito Makandé (SP)
Alamedadosoulna (SP)