The Capaces from Barcelona are probably one of europe’s most exceptional and outstanding Punk bands. Founded in 1999, they are playing their furious mix of Punk, Old school Hardcore and Rock’n’Roll for 15 years now!

Within this time they have released six full-length albums “Born To Punk”,(2003),”Amplifired” (2005),”The Restless Breed” (2007), “Whatever it is,I’m against it!”(2010),”For good” (2014), “Rawness” (2018) and also various 7″, and played more than 1000 shows all over where they shared the stage with bands like Poison Idea,Dwarves,Zeke,Hard-Ons,Turbonegro,Hard-Ons,Peter Pan Speedrock,Napalm Death,Fuzztones,Midnight,D.O.A.,GBH,The Bulemics,Fuzztones,Varukers and many more.

The band has played in 7 very successful tours throughout Europe -Germany, Czech Republic and Holland – in april 2009, may & september 2010,may 2012, may 2013,march-april 2015,2016, and during  2014 the band  did celebrate their 15th anniversary playing more than 60 gigs along europe,including an unforgetable show at the Speedfest (Eindhoven),one of the best rock’n’roll festivals

They also toured USA (23 gigs) during the summer of 2011.

Next 2020 , their 7th Lp named  ” Zoetrope ” .

Line Up:

Martillo Fontana / Vocals
Cleve Carter / Guitar
Oscar Jawa / Guitar
Sergi / Bass
Sergio “Beddy” / Drums

Avail: 2020, All Festivals + supporting tours

Terrytory: Worldwide