Iskanbila was born in 1990 as a quintet in Arrasate, the group was formed by Txiri, Gotzon, Txaka, Iban and Lapo. In 1992 they published a demo, recorded in the Lorenzo Records studio. In July 1996 we recorded the album in the studio Shot!! de Arrasate, Iban and
Txaka left the group, Xabi joined, who had worked as a bass player in the Zakarra group. The disc was recorded and all the designs were ready, including the disc title: Jaio…ta
hil. When everything was ready to edit the record, Txiri died in an accident on the road As a result of this event, they were about to change the design and the title of the album, but in the end they left it as it was. The album was released in 1997 under the Plastic Disk label, and Saul joined the band as singer. For almost a decade they gave concerts with this formation until they disbanded in 2006. In 2013 they returned to the renovated stages with Jonny de la Tuxsma on the second guitar and in the absence of singer Magu de Des-Kontrol took over the vacancy. The departure of Xabi returned to make a cut in the live performances but when Iban returned to the band as singer the band returned to its ashes and Jabo filled the vacancy on the bass.

Line Up actual;
Gotzon (Guitarra y Voces)
Lapo (Bateria y Voces)
Iban (Cantante)
Jonny (guitarra y voces)
Jabo (bajo)


Territory: Wordwide