Is an American cowpunk band formed in 1985 by singer Scott Luallen and guitarist Blaine Cartwright in their hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky.
Nine Pound Hammer was one of the first rural hardcore punk bands to substantially incorporate rural blue-collar motifs into the minimalist hardcore sound. Their lyrics (which evoke outlaw country) touch on themes such as alcoholism, rural poverty and violence, and include references and homages to figures such as Jesco White and Dale Earnhardt. In contrast, most urban and experimental cowpunk bands of the 1970s/80s in Los Angeles and the UK were roots rock, folk rock, or new wave bands incorporating country music instruments and influences as only a secondary (sometimes temporary) aspect of their sound.
After the band disbanded in 1997, guitarist Blaine Cartwright formed the band Nashville Pussy, which shares many of Nine Pound Hammer’s musical and lyrical conventions, with the addition of a lead guitarist and a more hard rock-oriented format. /southern rock.

Fueled by boredom and worry, Nine Pound Hammer fired it up during the dark winter of 2020 to record their new LP “When The Sh*t Goes Down” on Acetate Records. Ramones producer Daniel Rey braved the Kentucky elements to help the band conjure up 13 new Cowpunk Spirituals that are guaranteed to cure what ails ya!

Line up;
Blaine Cartwright, Mark Hendricks, Earl crim,  Josh Glancey, and Scott Luallen.

Territory: Spain

Period: 10th t 15th Of September