We are in a book that accompanies a disk or to a disk that is accompanied by a book? Well, probably the most successful is the first, but it hardly matters when both facets of the new release of Stevie Klasson are as enjoyable as it demonstrates “Rock’N’Roll Tales From a Crooked Highway”. And we are fortunate that the Swedish guitarist often it will be presenting next month for our country on a tour that any good rock aficionado should always missed.

But back to work. Klasson offers us a series of short stories based on his experiences over a lifetime devoted to rock. Here fit anecdotes from non -how the great Johnny Thunders, to stories about million dollar guitars, rockers unknown characters who should be legendary or even recipes by “special guests”.

It has helped give literary form to the work Bagge and his friend Staffan has certainly done a good job. Without wishing to reveal many details, it does mention that there are some truly hilarious moments (especially funny reaction when Johnny Thunders Klasson asked if he could get a line). Also included in the last part of the book the lyrics of the songs that make the CD, where you can see that it is true what the Klasson himself no longer write only about partying and women.

different, but totally complementary question is how to say the album that accompanies this reading and could not comment. The former guitarist with more class than ever went through Diamond Dogs has surrounded himself with a number of musician friends for the recording debut of Weeds Black. “Rock’N’Roll Tales From a Crooked Highway” (the album) becomes an entire species of “all star” Swedish rocker, with several illustrious (Conny Bloom or Robert Eriksson) by brightening songs that will grow as that they are granted listen. It’s just rock’n’roll. Simple Rock’N’Roll. But we not only love … we love. Personally I can not help but click “Cool to Be Kind”, since as the year’s theme for the writer.

“Rock’N’Roll Tales From a Crooked Highway” is published in English by Bullet Point Publishing.


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